History of Bohemianism & Subculture

Modern Bohemian Lifestyle and Bohemianism History

We all know that the modern bohemian lifestyle is one of the best things that happened in the past few years regarding fashion and lifestyles. After all, bohemianism and the bohemianism history taught us that pursuing literary, spiritual, artistic and musical dreams is not something that cannot become reality for many people, and in the same context, people following the modern bohemian lifestyle are there to remind us that it is okay to be an adventurer or a wanderer. Although it is an unconventional one the modern bohemian lifestyle is there to remind us of the most often forgotten aspects of life – peace and clarity. And, if you cherish receiving news and latest information regarding Bohemianism, you’ve come to the right place at the Bohemian Killing blog.

Our Bohemian Killing blog is there to support our like-minded people reminding them that being different is okay, and that there are still some valuable news regarding the modern bohemian lifestyle. So, if you like receiving those, stay tuned at Bohemian Killing and kill ‘em with kindness.

Bohemianism - Who Are These People and Why Do They Choose this Lifestyle?

Although many people have heard of the word Bohemian from the Bohemian Rhapsody song, this word has so much other meaning, and a very rich bohemianism history. In fact, people who follow bohemianism are mostly known as expressing their way of life. Often, bohemians are people who are intellectuals and artists and there are many stereotypes revolving around them too.

However, it is known that bohemians don’t cherish luxury, and they live in material poverty because according to this mindset, luxury corrupts and can be bad for your inner peace.

In addition bohemians are people who don’t want anything luxurious, but tend to cherish their culture by finding alternative, often eco-friendly means of leading their life, which is quite respectful too.

History of Bohemianism

The bohemianism history is quite rich and versatile, and it still has some pretty cool information revolving around it. The first thing that you need to know about the bohemianism history is that the original term had undermining tones and was often related to the Roma gypsies. The roots are in France, and revolved around Bohemia, central Europe.

As time passed, the Bohemian lifestyle began having romantic undertones, especially in France in the 1850s, since there was a very popular Murgier play – Scenes de la vie de Boheme.

Moreover, the foundations of this romantic movement that dates back in the 19th century portrayed the people who had the bohemianism history dated lifestyle as quasi-religious and very spiritual, most of which stayed the same up until now.

In fact, as the culture developed, what was known then as gypsy clothes is now a pure fashion style with touches of great uniqueness. There are even many people who value the bohemian ideals – from Vincent van Gogh, to Baudelaire and boho-chic lovers like Kate Moss and Sienna Miller.

Bohemian Manifesto

The Bohemian Manifesto is a famous book by writer Laren Stover who talks and explores the originality, uniqueness and overall creativity of the modern bohemian lifestyle which is shared by famous people from throughout the world. It is said that the most important thing about them is that they are all creative – artists, poets, sculptors, musicians, writers, and that they are all free thinking, free living and intellectuals.

Moreover, throughout the content of this highly engaging book, the writer looks over the Bohemian persons’ closets, bookshelves and bathrooms.

Adventure Lifestyle

The best thing about the modern bohemian lifestyle is that it encompasses a lifestyle of wandering, being on the move and not being attached to any real estate, or even items for that matter.

There are many different subculture aspects of the Boho lifestyle that ensure that you follow your beliefs, but ultimately, the best thing about it is that you can stay on the move.

Ways to Make Money While Moving From Place to Place

Although modern bohemian lifestyle free-living is something that almost all bohemian people want to achieve, it can be said that it is hard to do it, especially if you aren’t a billionaire, right? After all, the worst part about being an adult is having to make real money in the real world, regardless of what your personal preferences or ideals are. In the case of bohemians, the situation can be even trickier, because they tend to move from place to place, which prevents them from having a constant, “nine-to-five” job.

However, there are some alternatives to making money and being able to afford a living even while you are on the move, here are some suggestions:

Making Jewelry and Other Hand-Made Products

If you have a creative talent and you enjoy the process of creating yourself, you could earn a living by making hand-made products. You could make decorations, vases from clay, or even jewelry from small objects like seashells and stones. Next, you could sell them and thus, you’d make a decent living.


Since the era of the internet, the times have changed and so has our way of life. Maybe it is better to accept the presence and gift of freelance sites and actually find a job there – by writing texts, doing designs, taking pictures and whatever you have a talent for.

Online Casino Gambling

Although legal online casinos are unconventional, they can be a very effective method of making money while you are on the move, at any online casino. After all, legal online casinos are very present as a way of entertainment worldwide, and they offer some great ways of making real money prizes, fast. In fact, online casinos offer a lot of casino bonus benefits for the players and some of those casino bonuses allow you to play a few games for free – in fact, you can even master some of the slots games while using the casino bonuses. Of course, we recommend the slots games because many of them have boho themes.