Ways of Making Money While Traveling

Ways of Making Money While Traveling

If you like to travel abroad, you know that travel costs more and more.

Airfare, hotel room: prices are far from accessible. But did you know you could travel without spending a penny? On the contrary, you can even be paid to travel!

Here are five trades that allow you to be paid while traveling :

  1. Becoming a Tourist Guide

It’s a dream job for a lot of people.

It is a question of accompanying groups of tourists during tours, in the most picturesque and Histaoric Places of the world.

Sometimes the guiding profession can even be synonymous with Variety, depending on what you choose.

There are two main activities :

  • You can become a guide in a dream location, like Barcelona, for example!

This involves guiding francophone tourists through the Sagrada Familia, the Barrio Gotico and the Gaudi Park.

  • If not, you can also become a guide for long trips.

Here, it consists of accompanying tourists through several destinations and for an extended period. These two options are a safe way to discover new lands and new peoples while earning money.  But be careful, you have to be realistic: there are some disadvantages to being a guide. Especially about job security: guides who work in a single tourist site are often self-employed. This means that sometimes the days are not fruitful!

Some guides even offer free tours. They use their charisma to earn tips from generous tourists. Guides for long trips may have the chance to become employees in the tourism business. A salaried job as a guide brings you more security. In return, you are also responsible for logistics, scheduling, etc. But most importantly, you have to manage and solve all the small problems associated with a group of tourists who travel for an extended period. To succeed, you must be able to be extroverted and pleasant-even during difficult days.

  1. Making WWOOFing

How would you like to go to work on an organic farm and see yourself offered food and lodging?

So, it’s imperative that you discover the WWOOFing. WWOOF or Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms is an unusual idea for a paid vacation. You volunteer to work on an organic farm (abroad) for a specific period. More often than not, you find yourself in the company of other volunteers who, like you, are looking for original experiences. The hosts (farmers) offer you homemade accommodation and meals. The conditions are incredibly flexible: you can stay as long as you want.

Also, the supply of this type of volunteering is plentiful. However, you will have to pay for transportation to get to your destination. But when you get there, you meet a lot of people who can accompany you to your next destination.

WWOOFing is not exactly a profession. But it’s a great way to discover the world – without sacrificing your bank account!

  1. Teaching English, Spanish or French

Can we teach a foreign language abroad?

Teaching the language of Molière is one of the most effective ways to go on an adventure and get paid. There are offers in the four corners of the world: Asia, Near East, Latin America, and Africa. Also, most of these offers do not require you to speak the language of the country. Indeed, many schools abroad are looking for native speakers to teach the ” direct method “. This method consists of learning a foreign language by speaking exclusively in French – through concepts, imitation, etc.

  1. Import-export crafts

Does import/export allow you to travel and earn money? You want to travel, and you have some capital? So why not get involved in import-export?

You can go to foreign countries, looking for local artisans who produce handmade products. Then you sell these products to Europe consumers. Choose the products that make the reputation of the region: Italian leather, Turkish ceramics, Mexican hammocks, etc. You can also invest in unique parts that are hard to find in Europe. Back in Europe, you can sell them to specialist stores, collectors, or even eBay — all for a nice profit.

The only problem is that we have to manage all the customs regulations. But when you sell the goods several times their purchase price, the effort is well worth it!

  1. Become an author for tourist guides

How can I earn money as a tourist guide researcher? Working as an author for a tourist guide seems to be a dream job. We send you to foreign countries to discover new cultures, try local cuisine and test hotels. But, in reality, it is a tough job. Deadlines are particularly demanding — authors often work 12-14 H days.

Also, visiting the most beautiful tourist sites in the world is, unfortunately, only a small part of the business. Researchers spend most of their time writing articles, drawing maps of places they visit, and entering tedious data.

Attention: with increasingly limited budgets and an enormous collection of adventure-seeking authors, the profession of tourist guide author is far from being lucrative. But you can still earn enough money to travel and save some money. Basically: if you choose this profession, you will quickly learn that “writing for a tourist guide is not a holiday”!

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